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Unable to stop himself, he brought his sax to his lips and added his voice to Christian's creation. A few chords later, Sinclair joined in, setting the beat. She wasn't xx videos attempting to rein them in; she xvideos red contributed an untamed cadence that complemented Christian's wild melody. Cutt walked over to the piano, next to Christian and played a chord. Christian looked over at him, tossed his sandy hair free xvideos out of his eyes and grinned. Cutt coaxed sounds out of his guitar that had Christian laughing with joy. Jax threw his head back and howled, a low, mournful, aching lament. In unison, the rest of them turned to look at him. Damn. They kept playing and Jax started chanting over the music. Inside I am so full of tears That I could howl Like xvideos com a dog And keep howling His voice, bittersweet and poignant, www.xvideo.com soared over the music, blending with it and enhancing the sound. Every now and then, the rest would look at him in x-videos astonishment, disbelieving that such a small, slender body could contain that extraordinary voice. Step by step, Christian broke xxvideos it down, slowed them all and brought them back in. They looked at one another in stunned, dazed silence and then turned to Mr. Baird. "Well," he said, smiling and rubbing his hands together. "Looks like you www xvideos com guys have some talking to do." When the amazed silence continued, Mr. Baird said in exasperated tones, "Is it just me? You guys don't think it's a cool kind of magic that the five of you are in the same place, same time, making this kind of music?" He japanese xvideos looked at them over old-fashioned horn rimmed glasses. "I'm going out of the room for a little bit. You guys take your time. If you need a late pass, don't worry about it." They looked at each other. Finally, Brodie cleared his throat and said, "I don't want to be rich and famous." Jax's laughter broke the telugu xvideos tension. The rest of xvide them joined in except for Brodie. "I'm serious," he protested. "I know, that's what's funny and cool at the same time," Jax said. "You know what? What about the name Cool Magic for the band?" Christian asked. "What band?" Cutt asked. "Nah, not Cool Magic," xvideos porno Sinclair said. "What xvideos. com we just did wasn't cool. It was hot." "Fire Magic," Christian said. "What band?" Cutt asked again. "Earth Magic," Sinclair said. "I xvideos anal think we sounded...gritty...raw...deep like earth." "Yeah, I like xvidios that," Christian said. "I www xvideos com think xvideos.com we're in a band, Cutt." Jax said. Cutt reached into his pocket, retrieved an envelope and handed it to Christian. "Check this out when you xvideos video get home. Forgot to give it to you the other day," he said. "I don't want to be rich and famous," Brodie repeated. "What do you want?" Jax asked. "I want to make good music. I want to be in control." Brodie answered. "Hold up everybody," Sinclair said. "I think we're all wired. Let's take xvideo com a deep xxx videos breath and focus." She looked at Cutt, smiled and said, "Keep up little brother." What band?" he xvidoes asked. They tamil xvideos all started laughing. "Ok, what Brodie said," Sinclair said, then paused for xvideos mom a second to gather her thoughts. "Is that where we all are? Good music and keeping control?" The rest of them nodded. "One thing," Cutt, always the peacemaker said, "Any beefs stay between the people involved." They all nodded x videos again. Brodie said, "My mother always says, 'Settle it and squash it now.' Any beefs get settled right away," he added. "Cool," Jax said. "We need to talk some xvideos. com more," Sinclair said. "Mr. Baird is right. This is too cool to let xvidos.com go." "Magic?" x.videos Cutt said, black eyes twinkling. "What band?" "Earth Magic," Christian said, grinning at Cutt and enjoying his crazy sense of humor. "Can we do your house tonight, xvideo.com Brodie?" Sinclair asked. "Yup" Brodie said. "One more thing," Sinclair said. "I'm a mother and my son comes first, before anything else." "Agreed," Christian said. "And no, I'm not married. And tamil xvideos no, I'm not x videos.com on welfare," Sinclair said harshly. Christian looked at her, lifted his right leg and kicked at the air xxxvideo in Sinclair's direction. She looked at him through fierce, narrowed eyes. "What the fuck is you doing?" "Knocking the chip off your shoulder." Jax and Brodie held their breath. Cutter started laughing so hard that he had to grab onto a chair to stabilize himself. Sinclair glared at him and then smiled unwillingly. "Go on to your next class. Just go." She turned her attention to Christian. Amazingly, she wasn't angry. Christian hadn't expected her to be. He seemed to know her better than any of them had xvideos tamil suspected. Cutter patted Christian on the xvideo com back. "I love you, man." "Am I officially adopted now?" Christian asked. "Yeah." "No." Sinclair and Cutt responded simultaneously. "Ok, which one of you said, 'No'?" Christian teased. While the three of them playfully bickered back and forth, Jax made arrangements with Brodie to give him a ride home. ********************************** Sinclair and Cutt walked Christian to his class and proceeded on to theirs. www xvideos.com Before they entered the classroom, Sinclair placed a restraining hand on xvideos free Cutt's arm. When he halted she said, "You love Christian don't you?" Cutt had looked at her xvidos silently for xvido a few moments, xvideos hd as if he were trying to determine what to say and how to say it. He said quietly, x video "Not like you do." Sinclair put her hands over her ears. "Shut. Up. I don't..." She stopped speaking when Cutt looked at her out of reproachful porn xvideos black eyes and said, "This is me, baby xvideo girl." "I don't WANT to love him," Sinclair said. Cutt knew better than to comfort her. "He's a good guy," Cutt said. "I know," Sinclair said angrily. "I know." ********************************** 5 After school, when Brodie and Jax settled into Jax's car, he reached into his backpack, grabbed his silver flask and took a couple of swallows. "You shouldn't drink and drive," Brodie said. Jax started the car without www.xvideo.com responding to Brodie's statement. "Did you know you can become an alcoholic with your first xvideoss drink or your hundredth?" Brodie asked. "You're just full of information aren't you, Brodie?" Jax asked. "Yup," Brodie xvide said. "Don't you ever get tired of trying to save the world?" Jax asked, turning in his seat to face Brodie. "Yeah, I do," Brodie admitted. xvideos jp Heart racing, he leaned free xvideos back and closed his eyes. xvideos indonesia Finally, someone had seen through him. Jax pulled out of his parking space and started the journey to Brodie's house. What just happened? He felt like he had just kicked Brodie in the teeth. Brodie was always coming up with little tidbits related to drinking and alcoholism and throwing them at him. Today, when he xvideos brasil had explained why he had x video.com written the piece, Brodie had mentioned that he x videos xvideos had been inspired by his brother Niall's struggle with alcoholism and drug addiction. So, Jax knew www.xvideo that Brodie meant well, but damn, all he did was take a desi xvideos couple of swallows every now and then. He wasn't an alcoholic and he didn't use drugs. After he parked the car, before Brodie could get out, Jax said, "Hey, Brodie, wait a sec." Feeling silly, Jax ventured xvideos brasil hesitantly, "Look, I didn't mean to...hurt your feelings." "You didn't," Brodie said softly. "Let's go inside." When the xvideos porn others arrived, Brodie xvideos anal showed them upstairs to his studio. Christian was the only one who hadn't been there before. "Wow, this is cool," Christian said, looking around the room. When he observed xvideoss the violin, keyboard and xvideos japan various other musical instruments lying around, he asked Brodie if he played them all. "Yeah," Brodie said. "Mr. Baird is like that too," Jax said, his first words to Brodie since they had left his car hd xvideos and entered Brodie's house. He and Brodie had sat quietly in the studio until the others arrived. Cutter was moving around the studio picking up things and putting them out of reach, baby proofing the room. Sinclair xvideos download was unable to find a babysitter on such short notice, and had brought her son xvids with her. He squirmed restlessly in x.videos her arms, patting her face and saying, "Down, mama, get down." Sinclair's face was uncharacteristically soft as she smiled at xvidio him and said, "Wait, Stevie. Uncle Cutt is getting the room ready for you." "Unca Cutt," Stevie repeated. He wiggled impatiently, his round, baby face revealing his desire to wwwxvideos.com explore his surroundings. As soon as Sinclair set Stevie down, he made xvideos jp a beeline for Christian, who was sitting on the floor. Stevie put his face next to Christian's. "Hi Stevie," Christian said. "I'm Christian." "Uncle Christian," Cutt corrected. "Ten," Stevie said. "Unca Ten." "Yes," Christian said, pumping his fist. "Now I have a name too." The xvieos others looked at him like he was crazy. "Sinclair aka Sinful, Cutter aka Cutt or Big Noise, Jackson aka Jax, Brodie aka Dirty and now..." after a significant xvideos brasil pause, he xvideos hentai continued, "Christian aka Ten. Thanks, Stevie." "Welcome," Stevie said. He moved restlessly xvideos.con in Christian's arms. When Christian x-videos released him, Stevie stood up, turned around tamil xvideos and backed up into Christian's lap. Christian was an only child and www xvideos had never been around small children before. He didn't know why Stevie had chosen his lap to sit in but he was glad he did. Stevie cuddled into Christian's lap and Christian awkwardly wrapped his arms around him. He looked up and found Sinclair's eyes porn xvideos watching them. He returned her searching look gravely, hazel eyes xvideos xvideos a little x vedios sad. He was disappointed that Sinclair had concealed Stevie's existence from him but he understood. Sinclair was guarded more carefully gay xvideos than a military encampment. He had thought that they were becoming xvideos indian closer, had hoped that she was beginning to trust him. Sinclair tried to interpret what she saw in Christian's eyes. She saw disappointment, yes, but not the disapproval that she had feared. Maybe she was reading into it, but somehow, she thought that Christian was disappointed, not because she had a child, but because she hadn't confided in him. She had never thought that she would become this close xvideos 2 to someone other than Cutt. She hadn't x-videos even been this close to Stevie's father. Christian fit. When he was with Cutt and her, it wasn't like it usually was when someone else was xvideos tamil there: us telugu xvideos and them. When the three of them were together, strange as it sounded, they were a unit. Still, since she was unaccustomed to explaining herself or even caring enough to want to, Sinclair found herself at a loss. It was just a guess anyway. She had no way of knowing what Christian was really thinking and she had too much pride to ask him. She was never going to allow herself to be hurt again. She lowered her eyes, beginning to feel defensive. How did he do it? How did he get to her like that? She took a deep breath, attempting to calm herself down. She knew how unpredictable her temper was. It would be unfair to unleash it at x videos Christian just because she was feeling so vulnerable right now. In any case, she would not act like that in front of Stevie. She knew what a bitch she could be. mom xvideos Stevie didn't and never would. "Ok," she said. "Here we go. Let's talk. Cutt says keep our beefs to ourselves. Brodie doesn't wanna be xvieos rich and famous and says we need wwwxvideos.com to settle beefs right away. My son comes first. Who else wwwxvideos wants to add to the wish list?" she asked. "If we're gonna keep control and not be rich and famous that means we're gonna be local and xvideos japanese it means we'll be recording and distributing our music ourselves. If nobody else wants it, I'll videos x take the marketing piece," Christian said. "You can have it," Jax said. Everyone else agreed. "We can talk to my brother Quinn about the money part," Brodie said, "and any artwork we need, we can talk to Kai about." Cutt surveyed the room with an expert eye and said, "We can get the recording stuff one piece at a time," Cutt said. "Looks like you have most of what we would need already. At least to start with." "Cutt's been working with the choir of our church in the recording studio," Sinclair said. "He's been doing xxvideo some producing, I think. I don't know exactly what he does but he knows xxvideos what he's doing." Cutt nodded. They talked over the xvideos red next few hours, dividing up responsibilities and sharing ideas. As they were breaking up, Brodie said, "One more thing." "What?" Sinclair asked. "NO drugs or alcohol. If none of us get started, it will never be a problem." xxxvideos Sinclair and Cutter nodded in solemn accord. Christian nodded too, gay xvideos smiling agreeably. Jax mom xvideos didn't say anything. No one noticed but Brodie. He watched as Jax quickly unbuttoned the cuffs of his shirt, looked at xvideoss both wrists and just as quickly x videos.com pulled them down neatly xvideo.com in place and re-buttoned them. As Jax turned to leave, Brodie asked him to stay. Face pale xvideos and drawn, Jax agreed. xvideos free He waited in the studio while Brodie walked the others down the stairs. When Brodie indian xvideos returned to the studio, Jax was sitting cross-legged on the floor, reclining against the paneled wall, eyes closed. He looked small and defenseless. "I'm not an alcoholic, Brodie," Jax said tonelessly. wwwxvideos "I've never said you were," Brodie replied. xvedios "But www.xvideos com you drink," Brodie said. "Why is that?" he asked. Jax opened his eyes and responded tersely, "Because I feel like www.xvideo it." "You drink all fucking day long," Brodie said. "And you get sick." Jax flushed when Brodie referred to finding him behind the school throwing up once and another time throwing up in the bathroom. "Maybe xvideoscom you're not an alcoholic...yet...but you definitely have a problem. And why do you x vedios do THAT?" Brodie asked in xvedio exasperated tones as Jax avoided his eyes and unbuttoned his sleeves again unconsciously. Jax's xvideos .com fingers froze on the buttons. "What are you doing?" Brodie asked. "What are you looking at? Why do you do that all of the time?" As Brodie was talking, he was moving towards Jax. He knelt down next to him and finished what Jax had started. After an initial xvideos in attempt at resistance, Jax sat passively, while Brodie unbuttoned one sleeve. When he saw what was xvidoes beneath, Brodie hesitated xx videos and then almost reluctantly xvidos unbuttoned the other. Brodie had a sudden memory of the first time he had seen Jax do, what over the past several months, he had come to realize was an unconscious and automatic gesture, whenever Jax was upset or nervous. xvideos indo That first time, www xvideos Brodie had thought that Jax had forgotten which wrist his watch was on. Glancing down at the deep gouges in Jax's wrists that were apparently self-inflicted, Brodie had no www xvideos.com idea of what he should say. He sat down on the floor next to Jax and did what his mother or big brother Cullen did for him when he was hurting. He pulled Jax into his arms, rocked him like he was a baby and said, "I'm here now." Jax felt like someone had yanked his intestines out and stomped on them. He was ashamed that now Brodie knew he was so weak, such a coward. He was angry that Brodie kept xvideos indian digging at him. Most of all www xvideos com though, securely enfolded in the warmth of Brodie's arms, he felt safe; he hadn't felt that way since he had lost his grandmother to cancer. They stayed there like that, huddled on the floor until they were both stiff and xvidos.com cramped. Jax had almost drifted off to sleep but Brodie's grumbling stomach was noisy and his legs japanese xvideos were beginning to hurt. He roused xvideos porn himself grudgingly. Brodie's lean, lanky porn xvideos frame was surprisingly comfortable. Brodie tried to get Jax to stay over but Jax refused. He xvideos in told Brodie that he needed some time alone to think. On his way home, xxxvideo Jax automatically reached for his flask. He put the flask down and picked it up several times. If he drank it now, no one would know. He could start fresh tomorrow. He would xvideos hd know. If he drank xvido it now, it would mean that all of his denials xvideos teen that he had a problem had been a lie. Jax picked up the flask, took the top off with one xvideos.com hand, held it upside down and let the fluid drain out as he drove down the highway. He felt a fleeting sense of relief and then an xvideos teen almost overwhelming wave of despair. xvieos Was it habit or a problem? He wasn't xvideos teen so sure. When he reached a x.videos stoplight, he rolled up his sleeves and looked at his arms. The first time he had tried to kill himself, no one even knew about it. The slices had been so shallow that they xxx videos had bled a little and then stopped. Fear had overwhelmed the desolation and prevented him from going any further. He had video x been thirteen years old. His xvideos indonesia grandmother, the mom xvideos only person in the world xvideos gays who had ever cared for him had died one year to the day earlier. His heart and soul had died with her. The second time, a week later, he had been more xxxvideo determined. He had sliced and gouged at his wrists so viciously that he had left permanent scars. xvideos video His father, arriving home unexpectedly, had found him collapsed on the xvidios kitchen floor and bleeding profusely. The doctor, a friend of the family, had come to his house. He had recommended counseling. Jax adamantly refused to go and after several months passed with no further incidents, his parents seemed to forget all about it. Jax x videos.com drove home at a snail's pace, distracted xx videos and overwhelmed with memory. He was afraid to xvide stop driving, afraid to stop moving. He picked up www.xvideos com his cell phone. "Brodie," he said haltingly. "Jax, what's wrong?" Brodie asked. "Brodie, I'm xvideos japan scared." "Are xvideos .com you home?" "No," Jax said. xvideo gay "Where are you?" Brodie asked. "I don't know," Jax said. "Tell me xvideos free what you see." After Jax described his surroundings, Brodie said, "Ok, I know where you are. I'm coming to get you." Brodie kept Jax on the landline while he used his cell phone to xvedios call his oldest brother, Cullen. When he finished speaking with Cullen, Brodie told Jax he was on his way. He called Jax back on his hd xvideos cell phone x video as he walked next door x video.com to the part of the house owned x video by his xvideos video brother Cullen and his partner Shannon. They were already in their garage waiting for Brodie in Shannon's SUV. "Thanks, guys." Brodie said. "I need one of you to drive Jax's car back here, is that xvideos japan ok?" he asked. "No problem, Baby," Cullen said. "What's up, Shannon?" Brodie said. "Hey, Baby," Shannon said, reaching over and tugged on Brodie's braid. Brodie felt better immediately just being in their presence. He got video x in the back seat of the vehicle. He could hear Jax breathing but he wasn't saying anything. "Jax, are you okay?" "Yeah," Jax answered. "I'm coming to get you," Brodie said. xvideos indian "I xvideos hentai know," Jax said. "I shouldn't have let you leave," Brodie xvideos mom said. There was a painful stillness. "I tried to kill desi xvideos myself when www.xvideos.com xvideos com I was 13, a year after my video x grandmother died. Say something, Brodie," Jax said into the silence. "I don't know what to say. It scares xvideos japanese me when you say that. I don't want to xvido xvideoscom lose you," Brodie said. "I'm afraid you'll do it again." "No, I won't," Jax said. "I've figured it out, Jax," Brodie said. "You always look at your wrists like that when something upsets you. You think about doing it again don't www.xvideos.com you?" "I don't x video.com mean to," Jax said, eyes closed, voice hushed, holding onto his cell phone as if his life depended upon it. "It's like once that became an option, it's always there when things get bad. I know that I can just leave. Anytime I want. videos x It xvideos xvideos helps me to deal." "It can't ever get that bad. It won't ever get that bad." Brodie said. porno xvideos "I'm here now. We're all here now. You're not alone anymore." "No one's ever indian xvideos wanted me before. Other than my grandmother. One time, when I was eight, at this big party..." Jax was breathing rapidly. Brodie could hear harsh xvideos xvideos puffs of static as Jax exhaled xxvideo into the mouthpiece of the phone. He could barely understand Jax's garbled, staccato speech. "Jax," Brodie said firmly. "Slow down. Calm down." Jax lit a cigarette with trembling hands. He smoked it halfway down and then resumed where he left off, his voice as shaky as his hands, "My mother introduced me to one of her friends, as 'this is the one xvideo.com I didn't want.' I still don't know what she meant by that and I've always been afraid to xvideos hentai ask. She had dressed me up like I was a little toy. The first time she had paid any attention to me in months. Took me out like I was a little trophy or a show dog. When she was done with telugu xvideos xvideos indo me, she threw me back to my xvids grandmother. It hurts Brodie. It hurts. Not having anyone care about me. If I died tomorrow, I really don't think anyone would notice." Jax screamed xvideo gay quietly into xvideos indonesia the phone, "I can't cry. It hurts but I can't even cry. I don't have a fucking heart. I'm just like her. I hate myself." "You do have a heart. xvidos.com And you are NOT like her." Brodie spoke in a low, xvidos intense voice, willing Jax to listen to him. "What you are like is, my friend Jax," Brodie said fiercely. "Jax, the little guy with the big voice. x vedios Jax, the snotty dude who gives me that duh look when I don't pick up on something fast enough. Jax, who writes songs that make my soul sing. www.xvideo.com Jax, who can sing a piece of a phrase I have in my head when I tell him what I hear. Jax, who's smart and funny. That's the Jax I know," xxvideo Brodie said. Brodie watched several miles pass by. With relief, he listened to the tempo of Jax's breathing decrease. "Brodie, did you mean that?" Jax asked. indian xvideos "Yeah." "Please hurry," Jax said. "We're almost there," Brodie said. "Wait a minute, how are you getting here?" "Cullen," Brodie said. "Your brother?" "Yeah." "Shit," Jax said, "First time I meet someone in your family is the day I come unglued. Great." "Nobody knows about this but me and you," Brodie xxvideos said. "Chill. And the radio's on now. I'm in the back and they can't even hear me. xvideos indo For all they know, you've run out of gas or something. This is just xvideos gay between you xvideos .com and me." Jax was silent. The air hummed between them. "Jax?" Brodie said. "Brodie, you're thinking so hard, I can actually hear you," Jax said. "Go ahead and say it, Brodie," Jax said grimly. "I can tell that www.xvideos.com it's killing you." "Nah," Brodie xvidoes said. "Brodie," Jax said. "You've xvideos 2 quoted me a million statistics on alcoholism and drinking over the past several months. What's holding you back now?" "Suicide is a permanent solution to a temporary problem," Brodie said. "I knew it. I swear xvideos.con to you, I knew it. I knew exactly what you were gonna say, and xvidio exactly how you were gonna say it. xvideos gay Another one of your dumb xvideo sayings. At least I've heard xvideos that one before, so I know you didn't make it up all by yourself." Jax said. "Feel better now?" he asked Brodie sardonically. "Yeah, I do," Brodie said. "Thank you. But hey, don't call those dumb sayings, I get them all from my mother, and she calls them trite truisms." Jax gave a halfhearted laugh and Brodie asked, "Feeling a little better?" "Yeah," Jax responded, "I am." After awhile Jax asked, "You really paid www.xvideos com attention to all that shit porno xvideos they xvideos anal taught you in that little Catholic school of yours didn't you?" Brodie laughed and said, "Hey, what can I say? A little brainwashing is a good thing. We're here," he shouted, jumping out of the SUV before it came to a complete stop. Brodie introduced Shannon to Jax. Before he got into Jax's xvids car, Cullen gave Shannon a xvideos gay quick, loving kiss as Jax watched wide-eyed. When they returned home, Cullen handed hd xvideos Jax's keys to Brodie and looked at him quizzically, "You gonna be okay?" "Yeah, everything's xxxvideos okay, Brodie said. Cullen xvedios waited for Shannon to park the SUV, then grabbed him by the hand and walked into their apartment. When they reached Brodie's bedroom, Jax said, "Thanks, Brodie." "For what?" Brodie asked. "For not xvideos download bailing on me when I fell apart." Brodie looked at him and asked, "Wouldn't you have done that for me?" www.xvideos "Yeah, I would," Jax replied. "I wwwxvideos know," Brodie said. "You're the first real friend I've ever had," he said to Jax. "Now let's go to sleep." ********************************* 6 Jax didn't go to school the next day. He dropped Brodie off and went home, after xvideos download assuring Brodie that he would be okay and that he would call him if he needed him. He needed to be alone. He needed to think. Yesterday, talking with Brodie about his past and falling apart like that had been devastating. The third and final time he had www.xvideos tried xvideos red to kill himself, he had been unable to face cutting his wrists again. Instead, he had swallowed a bottle of his wwwxvideos.com mother's sleeping pills and drunk almost a fifth of Jack. He had thought that he would just fall asleep and wake up dead. He had drifted off in hazy increments, missing time, floating in and out of reality, suspended in a warm, comfortable cocoon of drugs and alcohol. After www.xvideo an indefinable length of time, he heard a voice just like his grandmother's, sweet as honey, with an endearing southern twang and a tiny, barely noticeable quiver saying: "Jax." "Jax." He had roused slightly. "You're dying." The comfortable fog lifted just enough to allow a brief moment of awareness. "Jax, you're dying." He had felt an overpowering surge of fear. He tried to return to his previous somnolent state but the nagging voice and the fear that he couldn't free xvideos quite suppress wouldn't allow him to. In spite of the sleeping pills and the alcohol, his heart was beating hurriedly, stimulated by the adrenaline rush his fear engendered. xvidio In the space of those few minutes, he realized that he did not really want to die. He wanted the pain to end but he didn't want to die. "Grandma, xvideos porn help me." He crawled to his bathroom, xvideos japanese leaned over the toilet, stuck his desi xvideos finger down his throat an